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Tessier takes flight

Tessier Takes Flight

Justin Tessier was soaring high in the Manitoba sky and grinning ear-to-ear on his 14th birthday. Read more

The Clipper Weekly, 17Oct2013, www.clipper.mb.ca

Igloos at Lyncrest

Igloo 2013

Twenty-one participants from Hong Kong to Flin Flon slept overnight in igloos they built, while overnight temperatures dropped to -25C with the windchill! In addition to building traditional Inuit igloos and sleeping in them, Read more

Moccasin Making at Lyncrest

Moccasin 2012

For a variety of reasons, including limited visibility with early morning snow crystals, six pilots drove in to the Sunday morning Fly-In at Lyncrest to check out the Moccasin making progress. Read more

Santa Flies to Lyncrest

Santa Flies to Lyncrest

Santa's Surprise visit to Lyncrest Read more

Letter of Thanks

Santa Flies to Lyncrest.
Thanks to you for publicising this event and to those who worked to put this event together. My 3 year old daughter had a blast! ... In my mind, a great measure of how engaged the kids are, is by their silence - and when Santa was heard on the radio, and everybody knew he was coming, the kids were at the window waiting in absolute silent anticipation. Through the big front windows, not only were they able to see Santa taxi by, then circle back, then get out of his plane and walk in, she and the other kids were able to run up and give Santa a big hug when he finally got inside...

The choreography of it was a great way for the kids to see Santa. Although we weren't able to stay for his departure it was a great event all around.

I don't know the people who arranged this - but if you would please pass my thanks to all involved I would be grateful; to Santa, his helpers, the photographer, and everybody in the clubhouse that kept things rolling. Many thanks! It was a success and I hope to be out next year.

Rob White

RAA Project Tour to North Dakota 2012

RAA Tour 2012

Last year the Winnipeg RAA chapter toured Tri State Aviation (TSA) at Wapheton, North Dakota. Read more

Lyncrest RAA Airship Tour


RAA and Lyncrest Airport neighbours tour Canada's only airship
Read more

COPA for Kids at Lyncrest Airport (CJL5)


Volunteers donate their time and money to fly 108 youth at Lyncrest Airport
Read more

Lockheed L10A at Lyncrest Airport (CJL5)


At 4:40 pm, Monday, September 16th, 2012, Air Canada's precursor, Trans Canada Air Lines' first airliner, CF-TCC landed on Runway 27 at Lyncrest Airport. Read more

Women Airborne at Lyncrest Airport (CJL5)

Women Airborne 2012

Free introductory flights for women and girls at Lyncrest Airport (CJL5) Sept. 15, 2012
Read more

EAA Young Eagles at Lyncrest Airport (CJL5)

Young Eagles 2012

EAA Young Eagles flights at Lyncrest Airport (CJL5) Read more

Program gives pilots' spouses chance to learn how to land planes in emergencies

Learn To Land

A course believed to be the first-of-its kind in Canada
is offering the spouses of pilots the opportunity to learn how to land aircraft in emergency situations. Read more

ctvwinnipeg.ca Date: Mon. Apr. 23 2012 7:10 PM ET

Tiger Moth Restoration

Tiger Moth Wing

Restoring an antique open-cockpit biplane -
which wing to start on first? Brandonís WWII Commonwealth Air Training Plan (CATP) Museumís Tiger Moth DH82A hasnít flown for about 20 years. Read more

Fly-In Zumba

Igloo Photo 2012

Lyncrest Airport is the only airport in the world (that we know of) offering Fly-In Zumba.
Every Wednesday evening from 6:00-7:00 p.m.
Goofy exercising to hot Latin music! Everyone is welcome, no reservations or advance registration needed. Dress casually and bring your smiles as you give your airplane, you and your family the opportunity for a fun work out while visiting with neighbours. Food?...the Springfield Flying Club bottomless cookie jar is a welcome sight as you prepare to fly back home in yet another beautiful evening flight. (left to right) Cindy (Zumba Instructor), Rick, Cathy, and Carrol and Larry with their Fleet Canuck - our first fly-in Zumba couple!

Putting the Fun Back into Winter Survival!

Igloo Photo 2012

Ever wondered what you'd do if you had a forced approach in winter...and weren't sure when help would come? Even when flying close to a highly populated area, it might be an uncomfortable night spent outdoors if pilot or passengers aren't ready for an unplanned winter camping trip. Read more

Link to article published in the Portage Daily Graphic, 17Feb2012.

High flying dreams take flight

High flying dreams take flight

Model planes at Lyncrest Airport fuel imagination
Twenty legendary bi-planes were built in model format at the Lyncrest Flight Centre on Nov. 5. Read more

The Clipper Weekly, 28Nov2011, www.clipper.mb.ca

COPA For Kids

COPA for Kids 2011

83 Youth enjoy flights at Lyncrest Airport
The beautiful fall weather held and the annual COPA for Kids flights went off without a hitch. Read more

World flying record set in Springfield

Women In Aviation 2011

Female flyers lift off from Lyncrest Airport
The sky was clear and the air was calm as a total of 210 female passengers took flight at the Lyncrest Airport, Sept. 10, 2011, to set a world record. Read more

The Clipper Weekly, Sep2011, www.clipper.mb.ca

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