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Lyncrest Gift Shop

$40.00 plus GST
Shipping $10.00 or pick up at Lyncrest Airport
Contact Jill Oakes: jill_oakes@umanitoba.ca

The History of Lyncrest is divided into four main sections: “Ready for Take-off”, “Flight Planning”, “$200 Hamburgers”, and “80 in the Circuit”. With approximately 250 pages of stories and aircraft photos taken over the years, it describes the first fifty years of Lyncrest Airport. “Turning Final” wraps up this period of aviation history and takes us into the next fifty years.

Lyncrest Airport also has a supply of MUGS, HATS, T-SHIRTS & GOLF SHIRTS for sale.
Contact: budandjac@mymts.net
Click on photo for a larger image.

SFC Merchandise SFC Merchandise SFC Merchandise

Sizes: S, M, L, & XL.
Colours: red, dark blue, black, white & gray.


  • Mugs $7
  • Hats $16
  • T-shirts $20
  • Golf Shirts $35

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