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2013 Fall Update

2013 Is fast coming to an end and so are the flying activities for the year only to get ready for 2014. This has been the 12th year that COPA Flight 35 has been operating after a brief hiatus and the organization is doing quite well. COPA for Kids is a great way to raise the profile of general and recreational aviation. It was proved again this past September when 102 kids were introduced to flying with a good number of kids coming for a second ride. This is exactly what COPA had in mind when the program was launched several years ago and it is getting more popular every year. This past April COPA Flight 35 joined COPA Flight 162 out of Shoal Lake to run the program at the Neepawa airport. This was done in conjunction with an aviation program at a local school. These events are not only for the kids but also for the parents and the support crew. In the end the overall social experience leaves us wanting for another event. That is why we already have the date set for September 20, 2014.

COPA Flight 35 also lends support to other aviation organizations such as the EAA Chapter 63, 99erís WIA, the RAA and the Springfield Flying Club. The Springfield Flying Club, owners of the Lyncrest Airport are the reason all these organizations including COPA Flight 35 have a home. A growing membership also means a growing membership for COPA and Flight 35 and this is what it is all about.

This September long weekend COPA Flight 35 held its 12th annual flight to the Peace Gardens. (Weather permitting) This event is also proving popular with the North Dakota aviators. We had 18 aircraft from Manitoba and Saskatchewan and approximately 6 from the US. After a great lunch at the new restaurant Canadian Border Services provided us with an informative update on border services and procedures. We are now getting ready for 2014 version of COPAís Rust Remover. It will be held at the ANAF Veteranís Hall 3584 Portage Ave in Winnipeg on Tuesday January 28th at 7PM. Check this link for more info: http://www.lyncrest.org/sfcfltcalendar.html

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